Friday, January 27, 2017

Treasures in Dark Places

        Treasures in Dark Places by Leanna Cinquanta tells her life story and details her mission work.
        Called by drastic measures, Leanna goes to India. Not only does she go alone with no mission backing, but she also lives with the people--drinks their water and eats their food. This alone would be reason to fail, but she definitely has the Lord on her side, and by His might, she is "moving mountains".
         I found this book to be well-written; it held my attention. The first half of the book tells of Leanna's life from little on up until she leaves for India. My first impression was that she should have written more about her ministry, but after reading the book I realized that knowing her background really is key to understanding how she accomplishes what she does.
         Leanna strongly disbelieved in God until one night she meets Him face-to-face. From that moment, she lives entirely for Him, giving up her dreams to meet His in India. Her mom is reborn as well, but her dad makes life difficult for them in that area--he doesn't allow them to attend church or read the Bible. However, Leanna copies select Scriptures onto a sheet of paper that she can read behind a book, and memorizes it as well.
        Leanna's ministry in India has grown rapidly. She has started her own organization, TellAsia Ministries. There are several natives that are preaching and ministering to their people, and several schools are being run to teach children to read. Their biggest focus is rescuing children from abuse/trafficking, and they have found that educating the millions of poor children is one of their best weapons in fighting that battle.
       I really enjoyed reading this book, and was blessed to see what a difference one person can make when doing God's will.

                          I received this book from CHOSEN in exchange for my honest review. 

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