Thursday, May 10, 2018

42 Seconds

     BOOK REVIEW:   Every interaction you have can be significant.  Forty-two seconds. That's the average length of Jesus' conversations as recorded in the Gospels. Of course not every dialogue Jesus had was written down, but this glimpse into His way of interacting makes one thing clear: Jesus deeply and eternally impacted people's lives through brief, everyday connections---and you can too.
     Jesus kept it simple, straightforward, and real. Read 42 Seconds as an inspirational primer or a four-week devotional and learn how to be like Jesus as you engage daily with those God has placed in your life.

     MY REVIEW:   This book is a paradox. It covers a deep subject, yet is an easy read. I found the pages flying by. The meaning is clear and straightforward.
     Witnessing does not come easily to me. I don't really know how. I've never discussed it with anyone, or really figured out how it is "supposed" to be done. 42 Seconds reveals that witnessing is not complicated, does not have to be hard, and is not "right" or "wrong".
     The book is divided into four sections. The first three focus on critical attitudes Jesus used in witnessing. They are: BE KIND, BE PRESENT, and BE BRAVE. Respectively,
-Realize that you can witness to the janitor, waitress, checkout attendant, everyone---no one is too low to be passed by.
-Be all there when to speak with someone---rather than being distracted or impatient, make them know you care, and give them your full attention.
-Have the gumption to stand up for what you believe, do the hard thing, and realize when something is worth fighting over and when you should just leave it be.
     The last section is titled BE JESUS. We all think we know Jesus and are following His Word, but often we mistake or misrepresent things. We need to be sure of Jesus' lifestyle and teachings, then follow them. A thought I liked was that most of us work on making our actions look right and letting thoughts and beliefs follow. But rather, we need to focus on our beliefs, then the proper thoughts and actions will follow.
     "Carl Medearis is an author, a speaker, and an international expert in Arab-American and Muslim-Christian relations, promoting peacemaking and cultural, political, and religious dialogue for reconciliation. He and his wife, Chris, have three children and live in Colorado." (back of book)

  I received this book from TYNDALE PUBLISHERS and was not required to write a positive review. 

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