Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Chamberlain Key

      BOOK REVIEW:   Timothy P. Smith, heir to a renowned family business responsible for construction or renovation of some of America's most cherished landmarks, struggled to understand the significance of his recurring dream....until he had another dream--one that identified a specific location where it seemed he might find answers to his questions. So Timothy drove to a remote spot in British Columbia. There the adventure--which later led to a startling discovery in the oldest Hebrew text of the Bible--began.
       It took the convergence of the sacred text, one man's life, and modern computer technology to reveal messages that may explain dramatic world events, as well as influence every person alive today.

      MY REVIEW:  I first read this book a month ago, and it is rather disconcerting how much I forgot. Definitely a book to read several times.
     I enjoyed reading this book--it is interesting and keeps ones attention. Smith includes images and diagrams for his discoveries, which allows the reader to better understand what is being said.
     I was interested with the discoveries Smith told about in his book. He has found messages encrypted in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament, encryptions that could not have been put in by anyone other than God, as they are about events that no one could have foretold.
     I don't know if I believe these discoveries, but I do think that this is a very well-written, interesting book to read.

                 I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. 

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