Saturday, April 15, 2017

Lemon Cream Dessert

This isn't my picture, as I couldn't cut the dessert and still
serve a whole pan---but I could cut out a piece and then
finangle it back in, and cover the lines with more CoolWhip!

  Easter calls for a yummy dessert (I don't really know how, but it makes sense), and this was the one requested.
  I think it looks hard, but it really isn't. This was my second time making it, and it was much less harrowing than the first time---I had to make the lemon layer three times before realizing I had copied the recipe wrong and there in lay the problem. But we did eventually figure it out and make the desset. :)

   The first step is to make your lemon layer, as it needs to cool before layering.  (DO NOT start sampling this, as it is very difficult to stop. Plus, when others see your look of pure delight, they will be inspired to follow your example.)

    While you wait for the lemon layer to cool, you make your crust, which is just flour and butter. You're supposed to add walnuts as well, but we don't like that. Plus we never have them on hand. :)   Another option is to make a graham cracker crust.

   There is supposed to be a picture of the creamcheese layer here, but I was already spreading it on the crust before I realized I had forgotten it. :( 

    And while your crust is baking, you can either make the cream cheese and pudding layers, or you can run off and do something else and make them later while the crust cools, or after it cools if you like. :)

Oh, right------this is the pudding layer.

    The pudding layer gets even better----you add a half a carton of CoolWhip yet! (There is a reason this dessert is good!  It has been proven to break even the most devout dietest.)

    Now begins the layering process. The cream cheese layer can be rather tricky, as it likes to pull up the crust. I found that running warm water over the back of a metal spoon repeatedly (and using that to spread the layer)  worked fairly well.

     Next is the lemon layer, which goes on beautifully if it's at the perfect temperature of warm, yet not warm enough to damage the other cool layers.

        And then the pudding layer. Again, don't start sampling this. And it's probably better to make this dessert when no one else is around (unless they are there to wash dishes, in which case they deserve to lick a few spoons).   ;)

     Then you top the entire cream cheese-y lemon-y pudding-y dessert with your leftover carton of CoolWhip, plus however much more you want (we had a half carton in the fridge which I also used). After that you have to wait a whole four or so hours for the dessert to chill.  Unless, as in my case, you made the dessert for a particular event and have to wait a whole 24 hours before you can even taste it! Life can be so cruel sometimes.

       And since this dessert doesn't have enough sugar in it  (which is a TOTAL lie because it is completely full of sugar)   I decided to sprinkle more on top. Anyways, the CoolWhip just didn't give as much of a "finished" look as I thought it should. :)


Hmm, I suppose I should remember to include the recipe. I don't suppose you'd all like to go hunt it down and make sure you have the right one and everything. Besides, the point of posting this is to share the recipe, and not doing so does defeat the purpose, which would be quite sad indeed.

Oh right, here it is......

Lemon Cream Dessert

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