Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Pride and Prejudice

     If asked, I would say that everyone has at least a basic concept of "Pride and Prejudice", either by reading the book, watching the movie, or simply word of mouth. But on second thought, that may not be so. For those of you who have never read/watched/heard about "Pride and Prejudice", I shall do my best to give a simple outline of the characters.
     Mr. and Mrs. Bennet are the parents of five daughters:

  • Jane----the eldest and sweetest of them all, shares an especially close bond with Lizzy, and catches the attention of the young, handsome, and (most importantly) very rich Mr. Bingley. 
  • Elizabeth (Lizzy)----the second daughter, the one of whom the story is based, is her father's favorite daughter and her mother's least. 
  • Mary----the middle and most overlooked daughter, spends her days playing her pianoforte, reading theology, and protesting any delight in parties and the like. 
  • Catherine (Kitty)----the fourth daughter, does everything her younger sister does, and spends her days flirting and dancing.
  • Lydia----the youngest daughter, her mother's favorite, shallow and spoiled, chases after the militia in impulsive, senseless ways.
     I really don't know what else to write without either making a mess of it or going on for pages, and since neither of those seem pleasant options for you or myself, I shall direct you to this site which shall do much a more elegant job than I. 
     I have watched the movie, and upon reading the book, was pleased to see that the two are inseparable. One can mimic the movie and be quoting the book. 
     That being said, thus ends my review. 

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