Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Spiritual Maturity

     BOOK REVIEW:   Rather than focus on methods of growth, Spiritual Maturity  focuses on the Master of our growth: God Himself. Divided into three parts, it shows how each member of the Trinity is crucial to our maturity. Readers will learn:

        How a right view of the Father cultivates holiness
        How the supremacy of Christ encourages victorious living
        How the ministry of the Holy Spirit conforms us to Christ's image

Renowned for the classic Spiritual Leadership (over one million copies sold), Sanders is a storehouse of wisdom. He mines Scripture for deep spiritual insights and illustrates them with memorable stories, quotes, and hymns. Spiritual Maturity is a refreshing read that will help you grow---not by giving you a formula or to-do list, but by revealing God's gracious ministry to you in Christ. 
             *Includes reflection questions and a study guide for group discussion*

     MY REVIEW:   Wow! This book is definitely worth the time to read! Just a few things about the book that I especially like:
          The book has twenty-one chapters, seven devoted to each head of the Trinity. "Sanders gave equal deliberate consideration to the Triune God who is due our full attention." 
           A quote given by the editors:   "This is not light reading---it is Light reading. The subjects will test your attentiveness. They will challenge your approach to God's Word."
           The second chapter of the book is titled "The Prostrating Vision of God", about man's response to the sight of God. I found it particularly eye-opening. I have always thought that seeing God face to face would be just so neat, but if you look at the examples given in the Bible (Moses, Job, Saul, etc) it becomes apparent that such a vision brings about acute "self-abasement", and other such feelings. In Saul's case, he was blinded. Moses was given only a partial view or he wouldn't have been able to stand it. All in all it made me realize just how great God is!  I can't do justice to the chapter, and if you read it yourself it will make much a better impact.
            Another chapter talks about faith, and the proper way of looking at and growing in it. Again, an inspiring chapter! I would certainly recommend this book to everyone!
     More books by J. Oswald Sanders are Spiritual Discipleship and Spiritual Leadership.

   I received a copy of this book from MOODY PUBLISHERS per their blogger program, and was only asked to write an honest review. 

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