Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Break Open the Sky

     BOOK REVEIW:   In a world that thrives on fear, have faith.    Compared to all previous generations, we are safer, live longer, hurt less, and earn more. Yet we are more afraid that ever. Fear has slipped into our souls, leaving us on edge and constantly anxious. No longer a safe harbor, a source of strength, or a bastion for love, faith has fallen prey to a culture of fear.
    We face a defining moment. Will we cave to fear or rise in faith? Stephan Bauman, the former president of World Relief, has seen firsthand in some of the most difficult places in the world how it is possible to embrace love in the face of fear. Break Open the Sky is an invitation to live in authentic faith, free from fear and its debilitating symptoms.
     By embracing Jesus's core yet counterintuitive teachings on truth, love, and risk, you can find freedom from the fear of the unknown, release from the uncertainty of the other, and liberation from the anxieties that hold you back.
     Are you ready to pursue a countercultural kingdom of grace and love rather than safety and comfort? If so, here is your guide for changing the atmosphere of your culture, church, and world. It will only happen as you take risks big enough to brak open the sky.

     MY REVIEW:   One of the first things I liked about this book was the amount of Biblical references included, as well as quotes from other authors, philosophers, etc. I like seeing the unity between authors like that.
     Stephan splits his book into three core segments: Truth, Love, and Risk outlining how each is a necessary component of true faith. Different points are made such as the need to love those who are different from us, the necessity of suffering, and how not to fear trials.
     In the section on Risk, Stephan outlines several ways to treat people, ranging from showing hospitality, to avoiding the pecking order, and to seeing everyone--including the poor and desperate--as real people with real lives and real feelings. And most importantly---as equals.
     I feel like I didn't retain anything from this book, which makes reviewing it quite a challenge. It didn't hold my interest very well, but I had just finished a top-notch book, so it didn't stand much of a chance to begin with. Perhaps it will be better the second time around.

  I recieved a copy of this book from BLOGGING FOR BOOKS per their blogger program, and was only asked to write an honest review. 

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