Monday, July 31, 2017

The Captivating Lady Charlotte

     BOOK REVIEW:   All she wants is to marry for love. And as the belle of the season, Lady Charlotte Featherington should have her choice of suitors. But even this captivating lady must obey her noble papa's wishes---and the marquess has determined that his daughter will wed a widowed duke, not a dashing young lord.
     All the ninth Duke of Hartington wants is for the lady who has captured his heart to love him in return, despite their arranged marriage. But the betrayal of his first wife and the scandal she dragged him into make it nearly impossibly for William to believe a woman's heart can ever be trusted.
     Now this wounded widower and the romantically inclined young lady must find a way to negotiate a future together and learn the real meaning of both trust and love. Can the legacy of grace help them to find healing and hope?
     Poignant and charming, in the tradition of Georgette Heyer and Julie Klassen, this is anther beautifully written, clean and wholesome Regency romance from critically acclaimed author Carolyn Miller.

     MY REVIEW:   Regency period is probably my favorite fiction setting. Something about the whole social steps and systems is just fascinating to me---I love their huge houses, hundreds of servants, and of course, the rules of society.
     This book is the second in Carolyn Miller's Regency Brides, a Legacy of Grace series. I did not read the first book and was perfectly able to follow the storyline here. The first book is titled The Elusive Miss Ellison.
     I would say this book made my second favorite list. I have yet to read a Regency that hasn't hit either it or first, but still, this one didn't fail. :)
     A small thing I liked about the book was the timestamp put at the beginning of most chapters. I like when authors let you know when everything is happening.
    One thing I didn't like about the book is how fast is seemed to go---there could have been more details included, and some placed seemed to jump just a bit. But other than that, I really did enjoy the book.
     And of course, there is a mystery in the book. I didn't figure it out til I was told---I blamed the wrong person. But once I knew who the culprit was, I wondered how I hadn't figured it out. :)

   I received this book from KREGEL PUBLICATIONS per their blogger program. I was not required to write a positive review. 

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