Wednesday, February 22, 2017

God's Easter Miracles

  This is yet another book from Lee Ann Mancini's series, Adventures of the Sea Kids. The subject is Easter. All the sea kids go to Sunday School and have an Easter egg hunt. Three of the eggs have crosses on them. Any kids who got these eggs would get a special prize. Jimmy got two, and his autistic friend, Paul, wanted one, but Jimmy didn't want to give him any.
During class, the preacher came in and asked the children to pray for a little boy who had gotten hit by a propellor. The teacher led the class in praying for an Easter miracle.
Later at home, Jimmy prays for two miracles: that the little boy would be all right, and that Jimmy himself would have a change of heart and give Paul one of his eggs. Jimmy got  his miracles and more--when Paul got his special prize, he gave it to the little boy who had gotten hurt. Both Jimmy and Paul learned that just as getting is fun, giving is even more fun. Next Sunday the teacher tells the class that they have been blessed with many miracles from God, and that they can show love to each other just as Jesus did when He died for them.

    I received this book from the author through BOOKCRASH in exchange for my honest review. 

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