Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Made for a Purpose

    Made for a Purpose is written and illustrated by Kristi Wilde, and is the first in her JOYFUL CREATION series. As stated on the back cover, "This delightful book appeals to the -why- in every child, inspiring them to discover God's wisdom displayed in the world around, as well as within them". Each set of pages shows a different animal, and explains why they have their particular distinctive "mark", such as webbed feet on ducks, eyes on the tops of frog's heads, and the turtle's hard shell.
    The book itself is a regular 8x8-sized softcover kid's book. The pages are smooth but with a textured look, which is really neat. And it is not a long book at all, only eighteen pages, which works well for young children who lose interest quickly. The pictures are also really good--they are clear and simple, but not boring. It's the perfect blend between enough to look at while reading the words, and so much that nothing stands out. It actually looks like Kristi painted them. If so, she did a fantastic job! One thing I especially liked about them is for each animal, she has several of that type, rather than only one. It seems to solidify her point in some way.

   I recieved this book from the author through BOOKCRASH in exchange for my honest review. 

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