Monday, February 6, 2017

Troublesome Creek

         BOOK REVIEW:   Copper loves life on Troublesome Creek. But the waters that nearly stole her life so long ago now bring change she doesn't want to face.
         With a step-mother determined to transform her into a proper lady, a loving father still bound to his painful past, and a suitor bearing the promise of a whole new life, Copper faces the biggest crossroads of her life.
         Her passions run as wild as the churning waters of Troublesome. But perhaps her heart will lead her into calm depths she's never known before.......

          MY REVIEW:    This is the story of Laura Grace (Copper) and her life in the hills. I found the book to be interesting, not quite what I was expecting, but different in a good way.
          Copper loves her mountains, her family, her life. She is devastated to find out that her step-mother wants to send her to school in the city. She determines not to go, and with the help of a friend plans her "escape", should the need arise. This results in Copper meeting a most unusual friend.
          I enjoyed reading about Copper's life and interests. I also enjoyed the way the author used flashback to tell the story between Copper's dad and her real mom. It made the story's fit together in a unique way--less of the jump between stories that often result in having one story than the second one years later.

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