Monday, March 6, 2017

A Voice in the Wind

     One of my favorite things is to come across a new favorite author. Francine Rivers is one of my new favorites. Sadly, I have noticed that the best authors tend to have a smaller number of books. Some, like Tracie Peterson, have book after book after book. And others, like Francine Rivers, have less. Have you ever wished you could "wish" books out of an author? That she would publish a new one each month? Now that would be nice--unrealistic, but nice. :)
      A Voice in the Wind is the first book in Francine River's MARK OF THE LION series. The series is set in ancient Rome, beginning with Rome's destruction of Jerusalem. There are three characters portrayed through this series. Though each is seen in every book, the books have their focus on different ones.
     The first book, A Voice in the Wind, is about Hadassah, a young Christian Jew. Her family lives in Nain, but travels to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. While there, Rome lays seige. Hadassah's father goes out one day to preach the Gospel and never returns. Her mother dies of starvation not many weeks later. Within a few days of her mother's death, Roman soldiers kill her brother, and take Hadassah and her younger sister prisoner. Her sister dies before morning. Hadassah is the only one to survive. All this at the age of fifteen. By the grace of God, she survives the arduous journey to Rome, and somehow manages to be sold to a compassionate family, the mother of which thinks Hadassah would be a wonderful maid for her headstrong daughter who happens to be Hadassah's age. Thus begins her story--one full of faith, trial, and love.
    I really enjoyed this book. I don't often go for books written about ancient times. I was surprised that I enjoyed this one. The whole aspect of the Roman lifestyle and gladiators and the Roman's love of the games in the arena should have been enough to throw me off, but I ended up liking it. Hadassah's example of faith and forgiveness were incredibly inspiring. Another plus was the length of the book--500+ pages. I am a fan of thick books that make me feel smarter just for holding them. :)

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