Saturday, March 11, 2017

Evenings with Tozer

     BOOK REVIEW: Every day runs its course, and all tasks but one must come to an end: to search God and know Him. Of this there can be no end.
     In these 365 daily reflections on the wonder of God and the way of His Word, Tozer prompts us to seek God earnestly and love Him with our whole heart. Known for his steadfast devotion and incisive ponderings upon the Christian life, A. W. Tozer is a wise and trustworthy counselor.
     As the daylight dims and the night winds down, let Evenings with Tozer rest your heart in God's eternal wisdom.

     MY REVIEW: This is a 365-day devotional. Each day is a page long. It begins with a verse and is followed by a selection from one of Tozer's sermons, books, or editorials. The book was compiled by Gerald B. Smith, and was originally called Renewed Day by Day. Each page has the date at the top, and in place of the page number on the bottom is a small half-moon and three stars.
      I really like the idea of a devotional of Tozer's writings. Sometimes reading through his books can feel a bit long, so it is nice to have a dedicated amount per day that is long enough to make you think, but not long enough to drag. And to read from Tozer's works in the evening after whatever you have faced that day is just a really nice way to end the day.
     I think this was done up very well. It has Tozer's feel without his actually writing the book. The book is, of course, 365ish pages long, which I find neat. Some of Tozer's books can be almost too short, and I like reading a book that feels long and heavy and inspiring--I like that I'm going to be able to read it awhile.

               I received this book from MOODY PUBLISHERS in exchange for my honest review. 

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