Saturday, March 25, 2017


Yesterday I decided to try a new cake recipe that I recently found---Princesstarta. It is layered sponge cake, vanilla custard, jam, and whipped cream--all covered with a layer of marzipan. It's a Swedish recipe, and finding it in American measurements took a bit of looking. I also layered the cake a bit differently than the recipe said to--I had seen it done a different way that I liked better.

I wasn't sure how it would all turn out. I was worried about the layering, but that part actually worked well. It was the individual components that decided to fail me. :)
-First, the sponge came out heavy and thin (and it needs cut into three layers, so thin was going to be a problem. Thankfully, being heavy saved me there).
-Then the custard got lumpy.
-Also, my whipping cream didn't work, so I used CoolWhip, which melted because I thawed it too fast. :)   It proceeded to ooze down over the cake when I cut into it.
-Next, my almond flour was too coarse, which made the marzipan coating speckled instead of coloring evenly.
-And finally--which annoyed me most because I could so easily have fixed it---I didn't even put the cake in the center of the plate!! Oh bother.

                   Despite all this, the cake was actually pretty good--and rather fun to make!

This is what I was aiming for :)

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