Monday, March 27, 2017

Farewell, Four Waters

    BOOK REVIEW:   In fourteen days, the life she knew would end on the streets of Kabul.   All Marie needed was a few stamps and signatures--the mandatory paperwork necessary for the Afghan government--and she could hold literacy classes in the rural town of Shektan. Her hope: Afghan women would learn to read.
    Suddenly, shots resonated. An aid worker killed at an intersection in Kabul. The community scattered. Most decided to say farewell. Not Marie; she chose to stay, to teach. But she was unaware that this choice would make her a pawn at the center of a local feud.
    Kidnapping was Marie's worst fear. She didn't know treachery was more deadly. 

    MY REVIEW:    This is a novel based on actual happenings, some from Kate's own experience, and others from close friends or random aid workers. The names of towns, people, etc, have been changed to keep anonymity, but the events did occur. Together, they form a story telling of the danger and bravery one can find in Afghanistan.
    The title of the book comes from the name of the village in which Marie's one class was located--Char Ab, which translates to "Four Waters". When a treacherous scheme against Marie and her co-workers is uncovered, she must say goodbye to the friends she has made, both in her home town of Shektan and in the village of Char Ab.
    I really enjoyed reading this book. It is the second of Kate's that I have read, the first being "In the Land of Blue Burqas", which is just as good as this one. I would readily recommend either one! Kate does a wonderful job of capturing her readers and holding their attention throughout the entire book. Her stories of faith and conversion are inspiring, and invite the readers to follow her example.

             I received this book from MOODY PUBLISHERS in exchange for my honest review. 

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