Wednesday, March 8, 2017

As Sure as the Dawn

     As Sure as the Dawn is the third and final book in Francine River's MARK OF THE LION series. The first book flipped between Hadassah, a young Christian slave, and Atretes, a German gladiator in Rome. The second book focused on Hadassah and the family she served.
        After winning his freedom in a last-man-alive-is-set-free battle, Atretes buys a villa on the edge of the city and settles into "normal" life. But for as much as he fought to be free from the ludus (gladiator "school"), he now finds himself trapped in a life of dullness--until he realizes that his son, whom he thought had died, was alive. Atretes determines to have him back from the young widow who took him in after losing her own child. When the babe refuses to be comforted by any but Rizpah (the widow), Atretes keeps Rizpah on as the babe's nurse. Then he decides to return to his home in Germania. He only has one problem--he has no idea how to get back. Rizpah finds a solution, but it includes traveling with a centurion. A Roman centurion. Atretes hates Romans. Especially soldiers.
                           It was a long journey.
When Atretes finally makes it home, he realizes that much has changed over his 10 years of imprisonment. He had changed much as well.
       There were a couple good lesson in this book. Atretes had trememdous pride, and had to learn to lay it down and accept the Lord's will for him--and to love and forgive others. It is a good lesson to all what a stumblingblock pride is.  This book also brought to light the worshipping of gods that was so firmly practiced. Atretes' people were followers of Tiwaz, and the evil and influence involved were tremendous. I enjoyed reading about the battle between followers of Tiwaz and the followers of God (you already know how that turned out). I really enjoyed reading this book, and it was a sufficient ending to the series.

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