Monday, March 13, 2017

Rice and Beans

    I had a bunch of leftover rice in the fridge from last week, so I decided I would use that up tonight. I like to make simpler meals (usually soup in the winter and waffles/pancakes in the summer) on Monday nights, so I made this. I don't know what it's called, so I'll tell you what it is. :) You simply fry up hamburger and add baked beans, salt, ketchup, mustard, brown sugar, etc. You can either eat it right away, or, if you want it to taste even better, bake or simmer it for a bit. We like to eat it over rice, which is how I accomplished my original motive.

     Now cold rice can be a challenge for me, as it hardens into little pellets when it cools. I thought it might be too dried out to be good, but I was proven wrong (there are a few times when that is a welcomed thing). I put it in a saucepan, added some water, and cooked it on low for 15-20ish minutes, stirring often and adding more water. It turned out soft and yummy! Always nice when my experimenting turns out profitable. :)

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