Monday, December 19, 2016

A Lady of Esteem

       BOOK REVIEW:  Amelia Stalwood lives in a London townhouse, but she's never actually met any nobility. Then, by chance, she meets the Hawthorne family, who welcome her into their world. When a nasty rumor is circulated, threatening her reputation, society turns its back on her. Will her new friends--and the marquis she's fallen for--do the same?

       MY REVIEW:  This is the first book of the HAWTHORNE HOUSE series by Kristi Ann Hunter. It is a novella, about 196 pages long, and only available in e-book format, sadly.
       I read the third book of the series a few months back, and have requested the fourth one without realizing that it is part of the set. So, I set about to read the first two book of the series.
      And I have discovered that I am also a fan of Kristi's books. I love them! The only problem I can find with her writing is that she only wrote this series. There should DEFINATELY be more. She writes in the same era as Julie Klassen. And she has a distinctive humor and unique vocabulary in her writing which I just love. A few examples are:  
       "But to have meant so little to him that when she was out of his sight neither he nor his solicitors remembered that she would continue to age?" and
       "he hopped lightly down the stairs" and
       "he thought it best that the ladies did not see him snickering at their spat".
 It just struck me as being different in a light, almost comical way. It is quite fun to read. I really wish Kristi had more books out there--I thoroughly enjoyed these!

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