Thursday, December 15, 2016

Restoring Christmas

   BOOK REVIEW:     Interior designer, Alexis Blake, has a sot at fame and a career that rises above the ordinary if she can get a home remodeled in eight weeks. But working with an unknown videographer who has a point to prove, and trying to please the aging homeowner is no easy task. Especially when all three are hampered by self-doubt and hidden fears.
   As autumn succumbs to winter and snow blankets the small coastline town of Algoma, Wisconsin, the wear and tear on the century-old home only seems to spotlight the aches and brokenness of its owner. Even if Alexis can redeem the creaky floors int he old fieldstone farmhouse, can she help restore hope for those people counting on her?

   MY REVIEW:     This is Christmas story featuring Alexis Blake and her Restoring Christmas project. She has to restore an old farmhouse in eight weeks and submit a video of her work to Heart-and-Home. But when she arrives, she finds that not only has her videographer had an accident rendering him unable to help, but the homeowner seems set against the renovations.
      Alexis has hit a wall, but her videographer fill-in, Gabe Langley, is annoyingly cheerful and optimistic. He reminds Alexis what the true purpose of her project should be--restoring Christmas, not just winning a great spot in a popular magazine.
      Through the events of the book, Alexis has a change of heart, Gabe starts healing from his mother's recent death, and Eliza (the homeowner) gets a special Christmas surprise as well.
      I enjoyed reading this book. It didn't make my favorite pile, but it was a nice Christmas story.

              I received this book from WORTHY PUBLISHING in exchange for my honest review.

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