Monday, December 19, 2016


BOOK REVIEW:  Teri Moreno went to Maui hoping to start one special relationship. But romance takes a complicated twist when the Spanish teacher from Glenbrooke, Oregon, finds herself enjoying the attentions of three men: the handsome marine biologist who called her back to the islands; a charming old crush from high school; and a clumsy, endearing Australian with a wild past.
     Swept up by her feelings, yet determined to make the right choice, Teri makes powerful discoveries about God's law and His grace in this new release of WHISPERS, now book two int he heartwarming Glenbrooke Series from Robin Jones Gunn.

MY REVIEW:  This is the second book in Robin Jones Gunn's The Glenbrooke Series. The first is SECRETS, about Jessica, the millionaire's daughter who goes to Oregon to teach English class.
    This book is about Teri, Jessica's co-teacher. Teri teaches Spanish, though.
    Teri goes on a vacation to Maui to visit her sister and brother, and while there, has a difficult time deciding which of the three men after her she wants to date. Of course, she chooses the wrong one which scares away the second one, and in the end she chooses the third as she should have all along.
     I enjoyed the story, though it was a bit traditional. I liked the first book better, for sure.

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