Monday, December 19, 2016

The Christian Book of Mystical Verse

      BOOK REVIEW:   Featuring Isaac Watts, John & Charles Wesley, Christina Rossetti, and many more!     Compiled and arranged with great intention by the late A. W. Tozer, this collection of verse takes readers on a spiritual journey--beginning with an overture of praise then flowing into meditations on the work of Christ, our need of Him,and the common Christian experience. Covering nearly the whole spectrum of religious feeling--penitence and confession, thanksgiving and praise, admiration, and more--this collection comforts hearts and aids in thoughtful, spiritual worship.
      With selections grouped by theme and indexed by title, author, and first line, The Christian Book of Mystical Verse is organized for repeated use--a treasure for exalting God with words that mirror His beauty.

       MY REVIEW:  This is a very neat book. It is all hymns/poems/prayers, and divided into sections. There are familiar ones, and new ones. I think it would make an excellent devotional, or a study book, or a book just to have around if ever you need a topical poem/hymn/prayer.
     One of my favorites so far is by Gerhard Tersteegen, Allured into the Desert. The first two stanzas are:
             Allured into the desert,
            With God alone, apart,
            There spirit meeteth spirit,
            There speaketh heart to heart.
            Far, far on that untrodden shore,
            God's secret place I find;
            Alone I pass the golden door,
            The dearest left behind.

                             There God and I none other;
                             Oh far from men to be!
                             Nay, midst the crowd and tumult,
                             Still, Lord, alone with Thee.
                             Still folded close upon Thy breast,
                             In field, and mart, and street,
                             Untroubled in that perfect rest
                             That isolation sweet.

I am very excited to have this book, it is a very nice book. I like that Tozer took the time to compile and publish these verses for the rest of us to read and enjoy.

             I received this book from MOODY PUBLISHERS in exchange for my honest review. 

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