Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cape Light

      Like his paintings, CAPE LIGHT by Thomas Kinkade is full of life and details. A small town full of charming characters who all know and love each other--mostly. But there are still a few people who have secrets. Like Mayor Emily Warwick, who hides behind her competant businesswoman front. And Sara, the young woman in town for the summer. No one can know the true reason she is here. Or who she is looking for.
      Jessica Warwick left several years ago for the big city. She loves it there, and Cape Light feels awkward and small. But when her mother has a stroke, Jessica comes home for a few months. Here she meets Sam Morgan cutting a hole in her office wall. As she spends time with him, Jessica gets more confused about what she wants out of life.
      The town of Cape Light has its share of charming old citizens. For instance: Charlie, who owns the diner and can be counted on to give his unique and sometimes forceful opinions on any subject. Or Sophie, known for her secret recipes, giving heart, and the bee-charming episode.
      CAPE LIGHT invites its reader to relax in the lovely sights and friendships, while enjoying all that is happening in its citizen's lives. It is also the first in a series, with several more books to look forward to.

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