Saturday, October 1, 2016

Knowing Yourself, Knowing God

   KNOWING YOURSELF, KNOWING GOD is written by Dr. John Shackleford, a Christian psychologist. He discusses how knowing your own personality and ego will help you find your True Self in Christ. He also discusses how knowing God, your Creator, will help you know yourself as well. After all, we are made in His image. And finally, he gives several people's stories of how they trusted God and He was there for them.
     I thought there were some good points, and some new ones too. John lists the different personality types and such, and also says every person has five different ego states. It was interesting to see what he had to say.
     He also discusses the importance of being yourself; not letting any of your individualism die or get lost in the background. Just being yourself rather than succumbing to the world's opinion of what you should be, etc.
      One thing that caught my attention was the subtitle. Going from an Ego-run life to a God-led life. I think it's rather fitting. No longer letting your self or ego run your life, but rather, letting God lead your life.
     The last section of the book has stories of trust from several people, and it is good to see that when you trust in God, He will see you through.  
             I received this book from the author through BOOKCRASH in exchange for my review. 

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