Monday, October 10, 2016

The Hidden Flame

        THE HIDDEN FLAME continues the story from THE CENTURION'S WIFE. Alban and Leah are gone, but Jacob and Abigail and all the others are still in Jerusalem.
      Two men want to court Abigail, but neither is a Follower of the Way. One is a rich, pompous merchant, and the other is a Roman soldier, one of Alban's friends.
      Jacob was not able to go with Alban and Leah, and he has been resenting that. He also wants to be a soldier, not a carpenter.
      Peter is boldly preaching, even when imprisoned and threatened. He stands firm for the Lord and leads the Followers with him.
      Stephen is dedicated to helping others. Assigned as one of the seven to feed the widows, he takes his job very seriously.
      Laban cannot realize why Alban could join these people. But as he keeps coming around, something pulls at him. There is something sincerely different about these people; they are at peace, even in their unknowing.
      I really liked all the history in this book. Like:

  •   Peter being led out of prison by an angel. 
  •   The stoning of Stephen with Saul of Tarsus standing by the coats
  •   Peter's shadow healing those laying along the way to the temple
  •   And more
      I have always liked Davis Bunn and Janet Oke's individual writings. But together, they written a wonderful series. 


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