Monday, October 24, 2016

Guide Me Home

         Guide Me Home, by Kim Vogel Sawyer, is set at Mammoth Cave, which is a real-life site. Rebekah Hardin needs a job at Mammoth Cave to raise money for a headstone for her younger brother who had died in that very cave over a year ago. But the only available position is to guide tour groups through the cave. So Rebekah disguises as a man, calls herself Reb, and applies for the job.
          Devlin Bale is a college student studing cartography who thinks turning Mammoth Cave into a national park would benefit everyone, especially his father who is running for Senate. Devlin agrees to map the cave, since the best map they have is desperately outdated.
          Tolly, the steadfast old guide, and Reb are assigned the task of escorting Devlin through the entirety of Mammoth Cave--not an easy job as the cave is indeed, mammoth. It takes all summer to get the task done.
          When Rebekah realizes Devlin's second reason for being here, she isn't pleased. Her neighbors are not going to agree to sell their land, their heritage, so the government can have a park.
         I enjoyed the storyline, and how it is written from different viewpoints. Rebekah's sister, Cissy, is a sub-main character, and her story is told here as well. I have read Kim's books before, and this is written very much in her style. I can't decide if a second book could be written or not. The story ends, but there are a few threads that could be picked up.

         I recieved this book from BLOGGING FOR BOOKS in exchange for my honest review.

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