Monday, October 17, 2016


       BOOK REVIEW:    Spunky, young Ruth Priggish is on the run from an eighty-year-old suitor. Faced with the prospect of marriage to the persistent old codger, Ruth throws caution to the wind and heads for Wyoming Territory, where freedom and independence await. Her only hope is to seek help from an unwilling protector: Dylan McCall.
       U.S. Marshall Dylan McCall is trying desperately to get to Wyoming before winter sets in. But when he finds himself saddled with a stubborn spitfire who won't take no for an answer, his job--and his heart--are at stake.
       MY REVIEW:   Lori Copeland has a series about Mail-Order Brides. RUTH is book number five, and there are a few more after it.
       Ruth is incredibly stubborn, but as the story progresses, she shows an equally dependable, capable, loyal streak. But she is determined to get to Wyoming, and this determination sometimes overtakes her common sense. And lands her in the water trough.
      I found this to be an enjoyable book with its fair share of humorous happenings.

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