Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Heaven's Great Hope

   Heaven's Great Hope by Victor Morgan is based on the subject of hope. Mainly, hope in Heaven. Before I had even finished the first chapter, I was struck by how often he used the word, hope. It's almost overwhelming. But he got his point across.
      Victor believes that in order to live for God and not be bogged down by the cares and strife of this world, we need to be constantly "looking up". Looking to Heaven rather than earth. He writes that by looking to earth, we will become discouraged and disheartened, but when we focus on Heaven, we rise above and rest in hope.
      He also addresses the fact that God loves us even in our despair because He understands our despair.
      A main thought in this book is the distinction between faith and hope. I don't know just how much I agree with him, but he did a good job of explaining his position. He says, "Faith pulls down from Heaven, to our level, the things we desire while we're on earth. Hope lifts us up above earth."  Another description is "Faith, primarily, manifests Heaven's goodness upon earth. This is why we are required to live by it while we are here on earth. It's the means by which Heaven is brought to us, here on earth. Hope, by contrast, lifts the soul of man up to Heaven. It is not for bringing Heaven down to earth. Hope enables the soul to fix, or to anchor itself, in Heaven." 
        Towards the end of the book, Victor brings out the subject of the Holy Spirit. We all need to repent and be baptized, aligning our lives with the will of God, and then He will fill us with His Spirit. He describes our two acts as: "Repentance: turn to God with all your heart and away from sin. Baptism: surrender your life completely and submit your will to the will of God." 
         And to say anymore would spoil the book for the rest. :)

      I received this book from the publisher through BOOKCRASH in exchange for my honest review.

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