Monday, November 14, 2016

The Kindness Challenge

      BOOK REVIEW:  Think of your toughest relationship. Think of a relationship that is good but could be great. Think of a group of people that drives you nuts. Would small actions make a big difference in helping those relationships thrive, especially if you're stretched and frustrated already? Yes!
     After years of extensive research, Shaunti Feldhahn has concluded that kindness is a superpower. It can change any relationship for the better, and it can transform our culture. But how does kindness work> And how can you show kindness when you don't feel like it?
     In THE KINDNESS CHALLENGE, Shaunti reveals three simple steps proven to make any relationship stronger--whether with coworkers, a spouse, child, in-laws, or anyone else. And you'll learn which ways of acting, speaking, and thinking will make the greatest difference for your life.
     It turns out that doing these three things for thirty days not only has the power to change the other person--it has the power to change you!

     MY REVIEW:   Wow! I really liked this book!  My mom started reading it and enjoyed it as well.
     One thing I liked was Shaunti's honesty. She admits that not every attempt at the kindness challenge will work, but the majority do. She includes several charts to show this. She also includes many examples from her research which makes it seem more possible. Hearing how the challenge worked for others makes you think you can do it to. And even if you don't do the challenge and just read the book, it is insightful and makes you evaluate your actions.
     Here is one quote I found humorous and, sadly, quite true--"Before they started the Challenge, our participants would look at a given survey question and say (for example), "Oh, sure, I express appreciation to my spouse a lot. More than once a day." Once they actually started the Challenge they would realize, "[Oh my!], no I don't! I am actually expressing appreciation only two or three times a week!"
     Shauti has three simple steps to perform everyday for a month:
       1. Say nothing negative to/about your person. Ever.
       2. Say something positive both to your person and about your person to someone else. Every day.
       3. Do an act of kindness for your person.
She outlines several ways you may be being negative without realizing it, and how to avoid them. She also lists ways you in which you think you're being positive but really aren't, along with ways to truly be positive.
    It was really inspiring and eye-opening to read this book. Shaunti believes kindness to be a superpower, and in a way, I agree with her. By showing kindness, you have the ability to impact not only someone else's life, but yours as well. Definitely something to think about (and act on!).

            I received this book from BLOGGING FOR BOOKS in exchange for my honest review. 

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