Thursday, November 10, 2016

Who Brings Forth the Wind

    BOOK REVIEW:  Raised by her aging grandfather in the quiet English countryside, Stacy Daniels radiates a sweet loveliness and unguarded innocence that quickly captures the attention of London society.    Stacy's summer visit to her aunt catapults her into a swirl of balls and teas--and an unexpected meeting with Lord Tanner Richardson, the handsome yet cynical Duke of Cambridge.
    Stacy cannot know the joy-turned-anguish that awaits her as the duke battles his own tormented past. Nor can she foresee the betrayal that will challenge her faith. Yet through the heights and depths of their turbulent love, Stacy comes to know the One who can not only bring forth the wind, but also calm the angry storms of her husband's heart.

    MY REVIEW:  Who Brings Forth the Wind is the third in Lori Wick's four-book series, the KENSINGTON CHRONICLES. I can never decide which book I like the best. It usually becomes the last one I read.
    This book is full of misjudgments, assumptions, and firmness of character. I liked how many Christians there were, and how many came to the Lord by their influence. When Stacy is misjudged and sent away, she stands firm in God and lets Him guide her life. Her friends and neighbors Sunny and Elena, are Christians also, and a blessing to Stacy.
     I enjoyed reading this book, and while it is a fiction novel, there is still some good to be gleaned from it. I liked Stacy's character--she is sweet and loving, yet she stands up for her son if need be; she is capable and slow to complain; she is not full of herself and cares about the people around her.
     Tanner has some issues that he lets rule his life, but he eventually learns to let go of the past. His first wife was a shallow, evasive, society woman, and he has a hard time remembering that not all women are like that, especially Stacy. But with one last glaring fact, he realizes that Stacy is not going to desert or disappoint him, and of course, they live happily ever after.

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