Monday, November 14, 2016

Seasons Under Heaven

   BOOK REVIEW: What does a child's life-threatening illness cost a quiet, suburban cul-de-sac? What joys can be hidden in life's greatest tragedies? Behind brightly lit windows and on front porches, marriages are tested and mended, hearts broken, hopes resurrected, dreams released and reformed, values and futures shaped, and Christian faith rekindled......or found for the first time. And there, bonds of friendship are formed as lives connect in ways only God can arrange.

   MY REVIEW:  Four families living as neighbors in a cul-de-sac aren't exactly friends, but they live peaceably together. When one of their sons needs a heart replacement, they all band together to pray and raise money for the looming hospital bills. As the wait for a heart gets longer and hopes threaten to fail, prayers grow as nearby churches and family's lend their prayers and support.
   SEASONS UNDER HEAVEN is a story about four families becoming fast friends as they help each other fight their battles. Each family has one or more members struggling with a specific problem, and with prayer and friendship, they make it through.
     This is book one in a four-part series by Beverly LaHaye and Terri Blackstock. This series reminds me of Thomas Kinkade's CAPE LIGHT series. Both are set on a community of people, and focused on the whole neighborhood rather than one specific person.

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