Saturday, November 19, 2016


      UNVEILED is a story about the Bible character Tamar. It is a fiction story, yet based on the Bible account. It is first of five in Francine River's series about the five women in Jesus' lineage: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary. These five books are not full size novels, but novellas of almost 200 pages. In the back of the book is an outline of the Bible account aligned with Francine's story, plus questions and insights about it.
      I have become a fan both of Francine's books and Bible fiction. Thus, I eagerly started to read this book. And I enjoyed it, as I thought I would. I know the story of Tamar, but I have never actually thought about it. Francine did a really good job, considering there is not much in the Bible to base it on. She kept the real facts accurate, and the fictional ones believable with the era and lifestyle.
     Tamar is portrayed as being obedient and submissive, yet knowing when she has rights that need to be addressed. She is respectful in doing what must be done, though she knows she will be looked down upon for doing such, and will be displeasing the people around her. She is loyal to Judah's family, even when they lie to her. She does her best to belong to his family even when surrounded by hate and disapproval.
      I really liked the book, and it has made me appreciate Tamar's story all the more.

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