Tuesday, November 22, 2016


         BOOK REVIEW:    Tozer understood prayer as few do: as a way of life. This volume will help readers capture that same grand vision.
        With biblical wisdom and stunning insight, Tozer warns us of the barrenness of busyness--of "hurting ourselves where we can't afford it." He urges us to commune regularly with God and offers varied reflections on what that entails.
         With added commentary and reflection questions, PRAYER compels us not just to pray, but to have a life that prays.

          MY REVIEW:    I especially liked this book. It is a compilation of Tozer's works put together by W. L. Seaver. The first twenty-two chapters are taken from sixteen different books, the next three chapters are from miscellaneous sermons on prayer, and the last three are from two major prayer sermons. Each chapter is three to seven pages long. At the end of each chapter, Seaver adds an "Exploring With Tozer" section, in which he gives his owns thoughts on the matter as well as describes Tozer's. There is then a "Reflect and Apply" portion, which has questions and applications for our lives today.
          A few things that I really liked were:
                 ~"We should always keep in mind the infinite lovingkindness of God. No one need fear to put his life in His hands. His yoke is easy; His burden is light."
                 ~"Every desire should be brought to the test of God's will. If the desire is out of the will of God, it should be instantly dismissed as unworthy of us. To continue too long for something that is plainly out of the will of God for us is to prove how unreal our consecration actually is."
                 ~"We are supposed to be "a fragrance of Christ to God", not walking like the natural man and being a stench to the Father because of our worldliness. Our prayers should be sweet incense before the throne. May we strive for such in the power of the Holy Spirit as we ask Him to aid us in rightly discerning the answers to our prayers."
          This book is, as I found it, just as good as the rest of Tozer's books that I have read. A thought-provoking, Christ-inspired book.

              I received a copy of this book from MOODY PUBLISHERS in exchange for my honest review. 

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