Monday, November 7, 2016

The Atonement Child

   BOOK REVIEW:      Dynah Carey knew where her life was headed. Engaged to a wonderful man, the daughter of doting parents, a faithful child of God, she has it all. Then the unthinkable happens: Dynah's perfect life is irrevocable changed by a rape that results in an unwanted pregnancy. Her family is torn apart and her seemingly rock-solid faith is pushed to the limits as she faces the most momentous choice of her life: to embrace or to end the life within her. This is ultimately a tale of three women, as Dynah's plight forces both her mother and her grandmother to face the choices they made. Written with balance and compassion, The Atonement Child brings a new perspective to the most controversial topic of our times.

   MY REVIEW:     I have to say, I really liked this book; beyond that, I don't know what to write.
   I was struck by the reactions of Dynah's friends, family, and fiance. Her family about fell apart; they had a related issue that had been a problem when they got married, and they hadn't solved it yet. Now they are trying to help Dynah, but their own problems prevent that. Dynah's fiance can't get over what happened, and finds fault with her. Her roommate can't seem to grasp Dynah's misery and therefore can't sympathize. The only person who seems to care about Dynah is her fiance's roommate, Joe, who has always been a good friend.
    When the dean of college finds out that Dynah is pregnant, she is asked to leave. She returns home, but when her family tries to make up her mind for her, Dynah decides she needs some space to think for herself; so she leaves. This turns out to be just what she needs, and she not only finds herself, but she receives God's answer.
    This is an inspiring book that leads one to trust in God and never give up faith or hope, but know that He will see you through and that all things work together for good to those who wait on Him. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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