Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Attributes of God, Volume 2

      BOOK REVIEW: "What is God like?" For A.W. Tozer, there is no question more important. In fact, Tozer's desire to know God and His fullness consumed his entire life and ministry.
      Originally preached as sermons to the Avenue Road congregation i Toronto, this follow-up to The Attributes of God, Volume 1 examines ten more attributes of God. It also includes a study guide for in-depth look at each attribute:
         1. Self-Existent              6. Omniscient                  
         2. Transcendent              7. Wise
         3. Eternal                        8. Sovereign
         4. omnipotent                 9. Faithful
         5. Immutable                 10. Loving                            

     Steeped in Scripture and filled with the Spirit, Tozer preached with striking clarity and power. The sense of his sermons comes through on every page, bringing the Word of God to bear upon you. 

         MY REVIEW:  I really liked this book; the only thing I didn't like, was that I couldn't seem to get it read. No matter how fast I read, I still had the whole book left. It took me all week to read it. But I really did enjoy it. 
         One thing I really liked was the topic of God's having no origin; he simply is. He has no beginning. Tozer says, "God is the uncaused Cause of everything. He is the Origin that had no origin." He also discusses the improper idea that Mary was the mother of God. She was the mother of the human form of Jesus. But God had no mother, for He was never created, because He always was, always is, and always will be. 
          Tozer also declares that God can never change. In order to do so, He would have to change in one of three ways: "from better to worse, from worse to better, or from one kind of being to another". And God cannot change because "the perfect and absolute and infinite God cannot become anything else but what He is". "Because God is absolutely, perfectly holy, He couldn't be anything less than holy, so He couldn't change from better to worse. And God couldn't get any holier than He is, so He couldn't change from worse to better. Also, God being God and not a creature, could not change the kind of Being that He is."
           One last phrase I liked is "No one can conceive what God is, because God is inconceivable. Even if anyone could conceive it, it couldn't be expressed because God is ineffable. And if it could be expressed, it couldn't be understood, because God is incomprehensible." Some people may think this means God is too far away for them, but I like the assurance that we are serving an all-powerful God who is able and willing to love us and guide us through life. 

                I received this book from MOODY PUBLISHERS in exchange for my honest review. 

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