Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Abraham and Sarah

    BOOK REVIEW:  Against great odds, they found love--only to endure years of disappointment.  God promised abundant, fertile land and descendants more plentiful than the stars for Abraham and Sarah. But they don't trust God to carry out his plans--in His time.
   Abraham and Sarah begin to tire of waiting for the fulfillment of God's promise.
   Fearing for their lives, Abraham lies to Pharaoh, causing him to evict the couple from Egypt, along with Pharoah's daughter, Hagar. When the barren years linger on, Sarah hatches a plan of her own to become a mother--ignoring God and ultimately causing a family division that ripples through the generations.
   When the resulting miracle unfolds, the reader encounters the life-alternating love of God. 

    MY REVIEW:   Well, over 100 years of history are re-told in this 264-page book. We all know the story of Abraham and Sarah, but there are still a few things that aren't told. After reading this book I had to look it up the Bible just to see how much it matches.
    -In the account of Abimelech wanting to marry Sarah, we have only the verse saying he took her and the next one saying God told him to let her go. Roberta tells it very similarily. She almost quotes the Bible when Abimelech tells of his dream. I didn't realize how old Sarah was at this time.
    -In Genesis, it says Terah took his son Abram and wife Sarai and Lot and left Ur. Roberta tells that when Ur was attacked by the Elamites, Abram took the whole family to Haran. They lived there for a while, then after Terah died, Abram and Lot and a few others left for the promised land.
    -When Pharaoh takes Sarah to be his own wife, Roberta adds that Hagar, Pharoah's daughter, was sent away as well to be Sarah's maid.  I hadn't realized that this happened to Sarah twice.
    -Roberta also gives the account of the angel of the Lord telling Hagar to return and submit to Sarah, but she has this before Ishmael was born.
    -Roberta has Sarah as Abraham's step-sister. I don't know if she was or if she was his niece or what. In this book, Sarah is also terribly spoiled and pampered.
    When I read through this book, there were parts that I thought were changed or added. But when I read it in the Bible, I realized how very similar it is. I actually learned a lot from reading it. I hadn't realized how much I didn't know. Of course, reading the Bible account is always the best option, but this book also brought out a lot.
          This book was given to me by MOODY PUBLISHERS for the express purpose of my honest review. 

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