Friday, September 2, 2016

Escape from Kyburg Castle

     ~Escape from Kyburg Castle is written by Christmas Carol Kauffman. It is a fiction story about a young girl living during the era of the Anabaptists.
       Regina and her parents are wondering what it is about the Anabaptist faith that is making all their friends convert. Isn't Ulrich Zwingli right? How can people doupt his doctines? Why is everyone following Conrad Grebel, Felix Manz, and George Blaurock? Especially with Anabapist persecution?
       Regina is offered the position of nurse maid for the pastor, whose wife had just given birth to twins. Regina loves her job, and spends the next two years there. But they live near Kyburg Castle, and Regina often sees the Anabaptists being taken "up the hill". This does not sit well with Regina, who feels great sympathy for them.
       After witnessing Felix Manz's drowning, Regina speaks with his mother and is even more confused. That night, her brother Hans comes and takes Regina to see Johann Ferlinden, the infamous Anabaptist who escaped from the castle and is now the most sought-after man. There, Regina accepts the Anabaptist faith, and both she and her brother are baptized. However, someone is out to do her harm, and she is imprisoned. But with the help of the young guard, she escapes and is reunited with her family.
     ~I enjoyed this book, and it was the first of Kauffman's books that I have read.

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