Friday, September 9, 2016

Drummer in the Dark

  BOOK REVIEW:     Jackie Havilland is working in an Orlando detective agency when she is approached with an unusual request: Esther Hutchings, wife of Congressman Graham Hutchings, wants Jackie to find out who is behind a smear campaign to destroy her husband, who has recently suffered a debilitating stroke. Congressman Hutchings was investigating a secret project called Tsunami, the biggest currency scam in history. Jackie is instructed to unearth all she can and to leave no paper trail.
    Wynn Bryant, a successful, wealthy businessman, is the brother-in-law of the governor of Florida. Wynn has never liked politics and is surprised when his brother-in-law contrives to have him take Hutching's place in Congress. The reason soon becomes clear: Legislation to relieve Third World countries of their dept -- dubbed the Jubilee Amendment -- is in the offing, and the governor is determined to have it quashed at any cost. Just as Wynn is about to decline the position, he is told that refusing is not an option.
    As Jackie and Wynn get more deeply involved in their new assignments, they begin to feel ripples of conspiracy carrying a destructive power far more dangerous than the notorious Tsunami scam. It is a killer wave that threatens to crush them both and permanently reshape the world economy.
    In his previous WaterBrook novel, THE GREAT DIVIDE, T. Davis Bunn spun a legal thriller that wowed critics and readers alike. In DRUMMER IN THE DARK, he captures contemporary political and financial maneuverings with the same dazzling artistry. Climaxing in a highly charged showdown between the demands of morality and the driving forces of economic globalization in our increasingly interdependent world, DRUMMER IN THE DARK brings the suspense novel to a whole new level of excitement.

  MY REVIEW:   Well, I think that about covers it. :) This book took a bit of getting into. But I FINALLY got it read. Once I got into it and started to comprehend a little of what was happening (politics completely baffle me), I really enjoyed the book.  A lot of the story was lost to me, but I still enjoyed it. I don't see a lot of connection between it and the other two books in the series, other than the main character in book three is mentioned slightly towards the end of this story.
    This book is about a huge scheme to crash the market. Equipt with good guys, bad guys, good guys being bad guys, and vice versa, DRUMMER IN THE DARK tells a gripping story with many characters, several different threads, and intricate details.

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