Friday, September 16, 2016


      BOOK REVIEW:     Jessica ran from her past....but can she hide from love?  Jessica Morgan wants desperately to forget the past and begin a new life. She chooses a small, peaceful town tucked away in Oregon's Willamette Valley as the place to start over--Glenbrooke. Once there, Jessica conceals her identity from the intriguing personalitites she meets--including the compassionate paramedic who desires to protect her and the jealous woman who wants nothing more than to destroy her.
      Will Jessica's deceit ruin all hope for the future? Or will she find a deeper peace that allows her to stop hiding the truth from those who love her most of all?

       MY REVIEW:      Robin Jones Gunn is the author of the SISTER CHICKS series. She has also written several teen books. This is her first adult novel, published in 1995.
        A few of the things I especially liked in this book are:
              1). The people of Glenbrooke. They lived in a small town where everyone knew and loved everyone else. Everyone took Jessica in when she first arrived.
              2). Jessica's resolve to provide for herself. She had the opportunity to live a rich and comfortable life, but she chose to teach in a small town and provide for herself. She also refused to be intimidated by her one enemy.
              3).  The trip to Mexico. The youth and their sponsors went to finish a project they had been helping with for the past few years. On this trip they managed to finish. They gave up their own desires and went down to help build a church for the poor christians.

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