Saturday, September 3, 2016

In the Field of Grace

    BOOK REVIEW:   Without wealth or family, the widow Ruth left her people and followed Naomi, her beloved Hebrew mother-in-law, to rebuild Naomi's home in Israel. Provisions gone and starvation at the door, Ruth used all that she had left -- a strong back and a willing heart -- to gather grain in a field, abandoned after the harvest.
     Tormented by others, Ruth is shocked to find the owner of the field watching her. Talking to her. Bringing food to her and Naomi. Boaz tells himself his kindness toward Ruth is repayment for the love she has shown to his cousin Naomi. But his heart knows better.

    MY REVIEW:    I had been eagerly looking forward to reading this book. I just got it yesterday afternoon, and read the entire thing before bed. :) The book of Ruth is one of my favorites, so what could be better than an entire novel written about her?!
     Tessa Afshar was born and raised in Iran, which gives her good insight into Ruth's life style. She wrote exceptionally well, I thought. The book itself is beautiful, and I love having it in my bookcase. :)
      I didn't expect this book to be geared towards Boaz and Ruth's romance quite so much, but I really enjoyed it. Ruth never felt accepted in her own family, being the youngest of five daughters, and not nearly so pretty. When she makes an unexpected friend in Naomi, a Hebrew from Israel, Ruth begins to finally feel accepted, both by Naomi and her son Mahlon. After Mahlon and Chilion die, Ruth follows Naomi back to Bethlehem, knowing full well that she will not be accepted. In one last desperate move to avoid starvation, Ruth decides to learn how to glean wheat. As it turns out, she finds Boaz's fields, and catchies his attention. Boaz is intrigued with Ruth, as she is not what he expected from a Moabite, and he goes out of his way to protect her. As the two of them realize they care about each other, they each struggle with feeling lost to the other. Ruth is sure he will not accept a Moabite, and Boaz can only see the years that separate them. But it all works out in the end.
      This story really brings out Ruth's love for Naomi, and her willingness to stoop to the lowest level in order to care for her. It is also a wonderful example of God's love and provision to those that love Him and seek to glorify His name.

  This book was given to me by MOODY PUBLISHERS for the express purpose of my honest review. 

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