Thursday, September 22, 2016

Catching Heat

    CATCHING HEAT is the third and last book in Janice Cantore's Cold Case Justice series. Detective Abby Hart has been searching for the murderer who killed her parents twenty-seven years ago. In the previous books, Drawing Fire and Burning Proof, she discovered who actually killed them, but they were working for someone higher up. Abby is sure she knows who it is, but has no way to convict them. Private Investigator Luke Murphy, whose uncle also died with Abby's parents, is helping with the case. But he is worried that Abby is becoming obsessed with it.
    Luke and Abby are working on a cold case force with Detective Woods (Woody), Agent Orson, and Faye Fallon to solve a cold case. Ciara Adessi had gone missing twenty years earlier, and fifteen years later her remains were found. The police hadn't been able to find the killer, and now it was being opened to the cold case force.
    Abby isn't convinced that the main suspect is the killer. He just doesn't seem like the type. She is leaning towards the boyfriend. His mom refusing to let anyone question him doesn't help his case at all. He simply looks guilty. So does the cop who is always tailing her. He was also a suspect, and Abby's impression from his earlier interview isn't in his favor.
   While on this case, the force agrees to look into another case. Victoria Napier is looking for her husband. She has been searching at vineyards for the last fifteen years. Apparently he killed both his sons and tried to kill her. Abby and Woody catch up with him, but he turns the tables on them.
    ~THE END

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