Monday, September 12, 2016


     BOOK REVIEW:    There's no one quite like Hope Ladley. A veritable dandelion in the wind, she blows from one farm to the next, roaming the Texas countryside as an itinerant cook. When she rides her mule, Hattie, onto the Stauffer farm, Hope knows this is the place the Lord wants her to be.
     Jakob Stauffer, though grateful for a cook to assist his pregnant sister and young daughter through harvest, is baffled by Hope's unconventional methods as she gets things done around the farm. Yet he can't deny the way her sunny disposition and unstinting love make changes of a different kind...even within his own heart.
     When harvest is over, will Hope return to her wandering ways, or embrace the dream of forevermore?

      MY REVIEW:    Forevermore is the story of Hope Ladley, and her helpful wandering ways. Throughout the year, Hope travels around and stays at different farms for a week or so, to help during busy times. When she stops at the Stauffer farm, she can tell that she will be needed. Not trying to change, but to help, Hope promptly starts to help Annie with her work. Jakob is surprised by the way Hope seems to flit from one job to the next without finishing anything. Why would someone can only a few jars at a time, or do a load of just socks? He finally realizes that she is doing so to keep Annie from helping too much. On the sly, Hope has got an awful lot done.
    I enjoyed this book. Hope is what I would call a busy worker bee. She never sits still. She keeps God number one in her life, and brings great blessings by traveling around doing His will.

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