Saturday, September 24, 2016

Midsummer Melody

    MIDSUMMER MELODY is a tale of Grace Chapel Inn, one in a series (strangely enough, each book seems to be written by a different author. I've never seen that before). Acorn Hill, Pennsylvania is a small, close-knit town where everyone knows each other, and secrets are a figment of the imagination.
    Three sisters run a bed-and-breakfast, called Grace Chapel Inn. But that's not all they do. Louise is gives lessons on the piano, Alice is a nurse, and Jane loves to cook and garden.
     When one of the counselor's cabins at the local summer camp floods, Alice offers a room for the summer. Four college boys who have their own Christian rock band are not exactly what the sisters expected. Louise is especially worried, as she is a firm classical musician. Rock is the worst kind of music in her book. But as the summer progresses, she starts to make friends with the boys.
      Jane is mortified to find that a mole has taken up residence in her beloved garden. Killing it is not an option for her, so she tries every method she can find to make him evacuate on his own, but Mr. Mole is here to stay. Jane has agreed to do a segment on the radio about gardening and housekeeping, but as she struggles to be rid of Mr. Mole, she despairs of being qualified. Goodness, who is she to give advice if bested by such a creature?
    Read along to see if Louise manages to finish composing her concerto, if Jane wins over Mr. Mole, and what happens to the young boy at camp who refuses to come out and play.

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