Saturday, September 10, 2016


     UNLOCKED is a story about Holden Harris, who is autistic. At the age of three, he started fading away, so to speak. Now, 18 years old and attending Fulton High School, he seems completely locked away. He is part of the special needs program, but has been mainstreamed for a trigonometry class, which puts him in a position for bullying from the school jocks.
     Ella Reynolds is troubled by the bullying, especially since she is dating one of instigators. Holden seems vaguely familiar to her, and she feels a subtle connection with him. He seems to actually see her, which is hugely unusual. Ella manages to get permission for Holden to attend rehearsals for the school play, in which she has the lead. Holden seems particularily touched by the music, and it is Ella's hope that this will help to draw him out.
     Tracy Harris can hardly stand the way Holden won't look at her, acknowledge her, or let her touch him. Ever since he started falling away, she had no choice but to say good bye to her son. She still prays for a miracle, but it seems futile. Her husband, Dan, gave in long ago. He now had a full year job, fishing in Alaska. He only came home to visit three times each year.
     Suzanne Reynolds is also feeling despair, but from a different source. She does everything in her power to regain the youth she once had, in an effort to get her all-star husband to come home. But he is too busy training, and she can't seem to catch his attention anymore.
     Not a true story, yet based on a true-life observation, UNLOCKED is an inspiring book which shows that even amid struggles and trials, some good does remain, especially when you trust in God to see you through.

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