Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lord, Change My Attitude, Before It's Too Late

     In this book, James MacDonald talks about how much our lives are affected by our attitudes, which we can choose. His example to draw back on is the Israelites' journey to the Promised Land. He explains that if we choose the wrong attitudes, we will suffer in the "wilderness", and by choosing the right attitudes, will experience the "Promised Land".           This book outlines five major wilderness attitudes, and five Promised Land attitudes. There is one chapter per attitude; first a wilderness attitude, then the reverse Promised Land attitude. The chapters are to be read two-by-two. The ten attitudes are: Complaining, Thankful, Covetous, Contentment, Critical, Love, Doubting, Faith, Rebellious, and Submission.
    James MacDonald has a unique style of writing; you can almost sense him talking right to you. He puts his expressions and interjections in, making it more realistic, I think. He also makes several good points, many of which stuck out to me. Some of them are:

  •   Criticism makes us hard and vindictive and cruel. It leaves us with the flattering notion that we are superior persons. It is impossible to develop the characteristics of a saint and at the same time maintain a critical attitude. Criticism harms our relationship with God and others, and that will block the flow of God's blessing. 
  •   Contentment is a satisfaction with God's sufficient provision. Satisfied. You don't need anything else. You're satisfied with what God has entrusted to you. 
  •   Faith is not just a part of the Christian life, it's the whole thing. Faith isn't like love and joy and hope. Faith isn't something to add to your spiritual arsenal. Faith is the gun that fires the bullet. Faith is everything.
  •   Have you ever wondered why complaining is such a battle when we all agree that complaining changes nothing? The reason is that complaining satisfies our sinful natures. Complaining releases negative emotional energy in a way that provides momentary relief from a situation or circumstance that may be frustrating to us. That is why we find it so hard to resist.  
     I was intrigued with this book from the moment I read the title. And I enjoyed it through and through.

            I recieved this book from MOODY PUBLISHING in exchange for my honest review. 

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