Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Crying Wind

       Crying Wind is a true story about, well, Crying Wind. She lived with her grandmother, because her Indian mother left her and her white father had been gone even longer. With just her grandmother and seven uncles, Crying Wind lives on the Indian reservation, but struggles to fit in. After her grandmothter dies, her uncle, Cloud, sends her to town. There she makes friends with the pastor and his wife, and is introduced to the White Man's God.
       As the name of her people indicates, Crying Wind is restless, and is evermore changing jobs and apartments, and searching for something to fill her loneliness. She finally accepts Jesus as her Saviour, but her uncle, Flint, is not impressed. When he has an accident that lands him in the hospital, Crying Wind has a chance to witness to him.
      I was impressed by this book enough to read the sequel, though I had heard it wasn't as good as the first.

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