Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Searching Heart

   My Searching Heart is the sequel to Crying Wind.
   In this book, Crying Wind writes of her change from teenager to adult. Being half-Indian/half-white, she doesn't feel as though she has a place to belong. She falls in love with Yellow Thunder, but overhears him telling her uncle that her mixed blood is a problem, and she carries his rejection with her for several years.
   Then one day she meets Don Stafford. He proposes and she accepts, simply because she is lonely. The both of them know little about the customs of the other, especially Don. How is he to know that his clothes outside the door with his shoes pointed away from the house means she is divorcing him? :)
   Crying Wind begins to find her place, especially after having four children. She and Don still misunderstand each other, but they get through. Her uncle Flint becomes a Christian, and marries a woman from another tribe. Uncle Cloud also becomes a Christian and marries.

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