Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Riders of the Pale Horse


     This is the secong book I have read from T. Davis Bunn. He became one of my favorite authors before I finished the first book! Bunn writes with many details. The first book I read of his was "The Great Divide." It told of a lawyer taking a seemingly hopeless case with many different angles.
     This book is centered in the Jordanian dessert and Russia. Rumor has it, there are illigal shipments of the highest concern taking place here.
     Wade is a young, talented missionary/healer, though he doesn't see himself as such. Rogue is a big, powerful man with a thirst for adventure and money. When Rogue appears in town looking for a job to earn big money, he is hired with Wade to transport medicine when the original guides fail to arrive. Taking with them an older local, the three embark on a harowing journey through the Caucasus Mountains. But when they get there....... and after they leave.......
     Allison is called in by a friends of her departed father in hopes of gaining new information on the illigal shipments. She is set up as a sort of bait, though I don't think she knows this.
     I was rather disappointed with the way the story ended. In my opinion, there should be a second book. I didn't catch what happened with the shipments; and what ever happened with Rogue? And Wade and Allison? And Alexis?
     This was a very detailed, interesting book. When I picked it up, only the name of the author made me read it. But I ended up really enjoying it. I don't tend to read books from this type of setting, since I don't understand it. However, though I still don't completely understand, :) Bunn does a great job of making it clearer.

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