Saturday, August 13, 2016

Just Above a Whisper

       Bound as an indentured servant to the Tucker Mills bank and its controlling manager, Reese Thackery finds comfort in her faith and her friends. She works to serve her remaining two years with a willing heart.
       But that's before bank owner Connor Kingsley--all six-foot-six of him--rides into town to audit the bank's business dealings. Thinking that things are finally looking up, Reese starts her work at the Kingsley family manor but recoils from Connor's imposing physical presence, haunted by memories of another master. Not even Connor's soft voice and kind gestures can comfort her.
       When the bank manager turns vengeful, Connor and Reese must become allies. Can Reese see beyond her place as a servant to accept God's larger plan for her future--and her heart?

       This was the very first Lori Wick book that I read. I borrowed the book from my aunt, and almost didn't read it then. But I did, and really enjoyed it. Since then (all in this year!) I have read all of Lori Wick's books, and this one plus two others are some of my favorite books. Although, sadly, I have over-read them and now the anticipation of the book kills the joy of reading it. :(
       Reese Thackery has been an indentured servant for several years to a Mr. Zantow, since the death of her father. When Mr. Zantow dies, Reese is finally free, until the bank manager decides to retain her indenture to help pay Mr. Zantow's dept to the bank. Thankfully, Reese has a group of supportive friends, and a strong relationship with the Lord.
       When Connor Kingsley and Troy Thanden decide to visit and audit the bank, they decide that Reese's indenture is completely irrelevant, and let her go. However, they offer her the job of housekeeper for the duration of their stay. Reese is overjoyed--she loves that house (she had recieved the job of cleaning it for their arrival).
        Connor's size is overwhelming to Reese; she is used to towering over most men. As time goes on, she becomes more comfortable with him. And yes, they do marry. They always do.
        I really like Reese's acceptance of trials, and how they don't bring her down, but raise her up. And her work ethic is amazing. People said she was never tired. And they always saw her busy with something. If anyone takes role-models from books, Reese would be a good one.

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