Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Kisses from Katie

This is another book I borrowed from my grandma. Katie Davis writes of her life in Uganda, ministering to the many children there. She has adopted 14 girls, founded Amazima - her outreach program, and is providing food, schooling, and medical help to hundreds of children. Giving up her nice American life, college education, family, and boyfriend, Katie fell in love with Uganda and followed God's will that she stay. She has learned that home is not where you grew up, but where your heart is. For Katie, that is in Uganda. She has made some great friends, and helped a lot of people. The needs there are huge, and she keeps finding more to do. People have learned to trust Auntie Katie, knowing she will help them. She often takes children to her home to clean them up, give them a good meal, and medically treat them. She writes that they rarely have the house to themselves; they always have guests. She absolutely loves her 14 girls, and they love her back. It is an inspiring book telling of a great ministry.

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