Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Moonlight on the Millpond

   BOOK REVIEW:       The last thing Jace Randall wants is to be smitten with a woman. His sister, Eden, said it would happpen when he moved to Tucker Mills to help his uncle run the sawmill. Now he wants to prove her wrong.
      That is, until he runs into Maddie Shephard. Not even winning a battle with the sister who raised him can help him keep his heart in check. What he doesn't reckon on is Eden's need to control his life--or the lengths to which she will go to separate him from Maddie.  
       Only when Eden succeeds in ruining her brother's hopes does she finally realize what her meddling has cost. Will she find a way to make things right with her brother? Will Jace and Maddie be able to forgive each other and find a way back to their love? Can seeds of faith be planted in ground grown hard with betrayal?

   MY REVIEW:       This is Lori Wick's first book in the TUCKER MILLS TRILOGY. I have already blogged about the second book JUST ABOVE A WHISPER.
       When Uncle Woody's health starts failing, his nephew, Jace Randall, comes to help him run the sawmill and farm, with the intention of taking over. His sister told him he would be drawn by some girl before long, "...tied down with a wife and six children before he could blink..." Jace is determined to prove her wrong.
        Maddie has been a live-in companion to a wealthy family in Boston for the past few years. When her uncle Doyle's heart makes him slow down, she comes home to run the store.
        Jace and Maddie meet and are attracted to each other, but when Jace's sister Eden comes to town, she conspires against them, pulling them apart.
        I enjoyed this book. Not as much as some of Lori's other books since it didn't have much of a base, but I still liked it.

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